Trade-In My Car or Sell It For Cash in Louisville, KY

We'll Buy Your Car for Cash

If you're looking to sell your old car, Byerly Nissan will buy it and pay you cash!  Instead of embarking upon the solo mission of selling your old car yourself, let Byerly Nissan ease your mind and help you find a reliable buyer that you can trust.  Value your trade-in at our dealership in Louisville and get paid cash upfront for your old ride with no hassle.  Cash offers are good for up to seven days or 500 additional miles.

Value Your Trade-In at Byerly Nissan

The easiest way to get a certified offer for your old car is by selling it to us at Byerly Nissan.  Not only will we pay you cash for your old ride, but we'll also help free up some space in your driveway for something new.  Start by entering either your license plate or VIN number to give our staff an idea of what you're looking to trade-in.  After a brief analysis, we ask that you provide us with some more detailed information speaking to the condition of your vehicle.  Pending a quick in-person inspection from our sales team, we'll value your vehicle and provide with a free estimate.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to Us

The ease of sale is unparalleled when you use Byerly Nissan's vehicle trade-in services.  Designed to make your life easier, selling your car to Byerly Nissan comes along with many benefits that drivers in Louisville, KY, will love, including:

  • Save Time & Money - There is much trouble that comes along with selling your old car yourself.  To help diminish that stress and get full value for your old ride, allow Byerly Nissan to pay you cash and take it off your hands.
  • Apply Credit Towards New Vehicle - The biggest benefit of trading in your car at Byerly Nissan is that you can put your value towards buying something.  Click to explore our new inventory and watch as the price tag drops on your favorite models after applying your credit to the MSRP.
  • Save on Taxes - Sales tax is reduced when you trade-in your old vehicle and then buy something new.  If you want to save money on taxes, selling us your old car is the best way to do so.

Find Out How Much Your Car Is Worth

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